Are Toys Important? Best Cat Toys to Keep Them Busy

cute fat cat playing with the toys

Cats are curious creatures by nature. They need constant stimuli to keep their lives interesting. Whether they will react to that stimuli or not, that is whole another story. Just like their owners, there are many types of cats ou there, from hyperactive kitties to those who like to enjoy all the good life has to offer, and that is food, attention and plenty of rest. 

The environment cats live in varies too, as not all spaces are equally stimulating.

While cats who have the joy of living in the house with a garden have the possibility of exploring all the good stuff the outdoors has to offer, even if that means exploring neighborhood yards, indoor cats, especially those who live in apartments, usually don’t have such a privilege.

Why toys are important for indoor cats?

Keeping your cat busy and active is important not only for their physical health but mental wellbeing as well.

Physical exercise keeps their muscles lean and strong, which in combination with proper protein and vitamins rich diet is a jackpot combination for keeping them happy and healthy. 

No matter if your kitty's personality leans more to the lazy or hyper side, it is a known fact that a bored cat is an unhappy cat and having no fun daily activities to engage in can even lead to depression in kitties.

Cats love to be challenged, as they are immensely curious, active by nature and are quick to react to stimuli, which they love doing. This is why, to keep them healthy and in shape, it is vital to initiate some fun activities for them. 

Cat toys are proven to relieve anxiety, stress and depressive moods, and they are especially important when the environment they live in is not rich enough. Scratched and ruined furniture is just some of the indications you cat is bored and needs some more fun in their life, and toys are a perfect way to stimulate their hunter instinct and satisfy their hunger for chase and exploration. 

Anu type of aggressive and destructive behavior is simply a coping mechanism your cat uses to overcompensate the lack of real activity in their life, so it is important to give them as many chances to prove themselves and test their claws in a constructive manner. They need a  daily chance to prove themselves, test their stamina, exert their dominance, hunt, catch, chase, scratch and jump around, and toys are the best outlet for that.

This is particularly true for indoor kitties. Cats are by nature hunters and creatures who like to climb every tree, object or rooftop there is. They are active explorers and when they cant explore their environment and spend time outdoors, it is crucial to compensate for this lack of activity with some quality indoor fun that will awaken their senses and boost overall activity levels. 

The more complex the toy, the more engaged the cat can be, so one of the best ways to get closer to your furry friend is by engaging in joint fun activities with interactive toys for cats. A good toy will save your furniture and activate your furry friend, helping them fight off the boredom stay healthy.

Here are some of the best toys for indoor cats:

Sometimes the trickiest part about trying to keep our furry friend busy is that it requires us to engage, which we don’t always feel like doing. This laser will keep your cat engaged for quite some time, while you can comfortably enjoy your me-time on the sofa, holding this powerful laser in your hand.

Interactive toys are priceless, as they really can keep our lively furry pals active for quite some time. This tower of tracks has colorful balls your kitty can chase and play with, and they will surely do so with great gusto. It’s sturdy enough not to be moved around easily, it draws attention and is a great exercise regimen for lazy kitties as no cat will be able to say no to it.

Catnip is known to be a major stimulator that gets the cat going and boosts their activity levels, and this banana-shaped toy is designed to help you keep your cat busy with its fun textures and organic catnip. Toss it their way, and let them have their fun!

When it comes to keeping your cat active, variety is the key. This set of vibrant, fun to explore toys will keep your little pal engaged more than any other toys well as let’s be real, no cat will say no to a collapsible tunnel, a teaser wand or a fluffy mouse to play with.

Charm your cat with this colorful cat charmer that will get them up on their feet as soon as they see it. Cats love movement and this toy will give them exactly that, transforming them from lazy creatures to real pros at cat aerobic.

You might be good on the dancefloor, but you are not as good as your cat is with this cat dancer toy. It is so interactive you and your kitty will have so much fun with it - Them playing with it and you laughing while being impressed with their pro moves.

Cats just like to scratch everything and if you want to keep everything from their claws and get them to exercise more, get them this scratcher with replaceable pads and go about your day peacefully, knowing no furniture will be ruined after you get home from works. 

What better way to activate your cat and get them in shape than teasing them with vibrant feathers like these? Attach feathers to the play stick and let the elasticity of the wand and the strap lead you and your furry pal to other dimensions of cat play. And don’t worry, this one won’t break.