Cat lover's personality traits: What makes them so special?

Have you ever wondered is there a "cat person" personality? Is there a deeper reason why cat people are cat people?

Well, some studies have shown that cat owners are different from dog owners?

Cat lover woman with her cat

While animal lovers all have in common affinity towards pets, there are specific traits that are more common in cat lovers than any other pet owners.

Rebellious, cuddly, independent, curious and smart, cats easily find their way to our hearts and their owners frequently have these traits in as well. 

So, how to tell if you are a cat person?  

While it was shown that dog owners lean more towards the extroverted side, cat people are more often introverts who prefer meaningful relationships over crowds.

Just like their furry friends, they are smart and curious, so if you are curious to find out whether you have some of the cat lover traits, that's already a sign you are in the right place.

Here are some of the most common personality traits of cat lovers that make them so unique. 

Curious woman and cat

Cat People are Intellectually Curious  

It is a known fact that cats are some of the most curious pets one can own, but did you know that their owners too, ten to be more on the intellectually curious side?

People who chose cats as pets and prefer their company more than any other pets are more apt to figure things out on their own and explore the world around them. 

They usually like to learn about everything and anything and have a whole wide spectrum of topics they are interested in.

Just like their furry friends, cat owners like to figure out how things work and are curious people who like doing things their own way.

They want to understand the hows, whys, and wheres of things and can dive deeply into a subject they are interested in. 

Cat People are More Likely to Live Alone and More Independently

While dog people, for example typically like crowds and prefer company over solitude, cat people are perfectly fine being on their own.

They tend to enjoy every minute of their solitude and know how t use it well, rather depend on other people to make them feel good or secure. 

Cat people are more often than not ok with being on their own and have a sense of personal contentment, so they have no trouble finding something to do even when alone.

They don’t dwell in solitude, rather they thrive on it as it allows them to recharge to be able to conquer the day.

They are independent people who don’t need a roommate to feel less alone. One kitty, a good book or a movie will do just as well. 

Cat People are Smart  

Cats are intelligent problem solvers. Put them in any intellectually stimulating situation and they will find their way to a problem solution.

Turn a lamp on and they will see it a challenge wanting to figure out how it works. The same goes for their human friends.

Cat owners are smart people who always find original solutions to problems and frequently find the most original way to solve a problem.

Many of them have an area of expertise or a hobby they are extremely passionate about, from reading to graphic design, cooking, some kind of craft or handwork.

They are good at making conclusions and even better observers who know how to be both detail-oriented and see the grand scheme of things.

No wonder they say like an owner, like a pet.

Cat People Keep an Open Mind  

Closeminded people are rigid in their approach to life and have a very established way of doing things, rarely deviating from their behavioral patterns.

Due to high curiosity, cat people, just like their furry friends follow the beat of their own drum, keep an open mind and don’t fret before the unknown.

These people would rather have their own take on established rules than follow the crowd and which is why cat lover personalities are colored with a lot of originality.

They are explorers who like to approach things from different perspective ad want to consider different ways of doing things, not being afraid to take a little risk here and there.

Because they are sharp-minded and penetrate into facts with ease, they are often intrigued by novelty and like to try new approaches, tastes, looks, explore places.

They are open-minded when it comes both to themselves and others, and this open-mindedness really takes them places.

As a result, they are often very creative, imaginative, original and see various approaches to things and situations that other people may foresee, which other people can find very inspiring.

cat is loving her

Cat People are Sensitive  

One of the most beautiful traits cat owners have is their sensitivity. It is shown that people who prefer cats are highly tuned in to the world around them and are very emotional.

This emotional richness gives helps them see the world through completely different lenses, often crowning them with high intuition, imagination, and immense creativity.

They are frequently empathetic people who love peace and respect everyone's uniqueness which makes them truly special.

Contrary to popular belief, in a world where there is too much insensitivity, having people who are sensitive is something to treasure and the fact that there are so many cat people out there is a nice thing.

Being more in tune with their emotions gives them a wider range of experience, better understanding of things and allows them to follow their heart instead of following rules.

Combine their intellect with high sensitivity and you get a superhuman.

Deal with it.

Cat people rock.