Do Cats Like Bananas and Should They be on Their Menu?

cat looking at banana

Choosing the best food for a cat should always be a top priority for every cat owner, and every owner out there knows that.

Not only is the food we serve them the biggest source of healthy protein, vitamins, and minerals for our feline friends, but the quality of it and the choice of food we decide to serve them can have a major impact on their health, for the good or for the bad.

Just like every other living being on this planet, cats need their dose of healthy in order to be their best selves and have their immune system boosted.

However, unlike us, their owners, who need to eat a lot of fruits and veggies to stay at the top of our game, our feline friends are not as fruit-friendly as we are, so naturally, we need to find alternative ways to boost the vitamin intake for them.

Or do we?

Can cats eat fruits? What about bananas?

Are Cats Allergic to Bananas?

Cats are sensitive to certain types of food, and therefore t is not uncommon to hear they don’t take certain kinds of fruits very well and bananas are no different.

Every cat is a story on their own, so what can be a serious issue for one can be a piece of cake for the other. In other words, bananas can but are less likely to cause a bad reaction in your cat.

Some cats can be allergic to bananas, especially if they are generally sensitive to other types of food, but overall this yellow fruit we so much adore isn’t toxic for them in any way.

Matter effect, given in moderation, not on a daily basis and in big doses, they can be healthy for your cat just as much they are healthy for you.

Now that you know that they are not necessarily toxic, you may wonder how much banana is safe for cats?

Well, here is the thing.

Bananas can have a negative impact on your furry friend's health in the sense that they can increase the risk of diabetes, cause weight issues, and high sugar levels if given in larges amounts or given frequently.

While a piece here and there probably won’t affect their health the negative way and can be even good for them, giving them bananas as treats every week or every day, for instance, can cause some health issues.

This fruit is sugary and it is a known fact that sugar is not the best option for cats as it can not only cause diabetes and weight issues but also worsen their dental health, which can create a lot of trouble for them later when eating crunchy foods.

Bananas are healthy in many ways, as they are a nice fruity source of protein, potassium, fibers, taurine and important vitamins, such as Vitamin A or C.

But, can cats absorb all of the nutrients in bananas?

The bad news is, they can’t. The only real benefits of bananas for our feline friends lie in fiber and potassium. And while they can’t do nearly as much for our furry pal’s health as they can for ours, thee two benefits are still a good thing.

A very good thing, especially if your cat is dealing with some digestion issues. Bananas have the same effect on cats as they do in humans since they make us both feel more full.

This means, if your cat is eating a bit too much, you can give them a few pieces of banana from time to time to help with weight management.

While some animals eat bananas and gain more benefits than cats do, they also have no trouble with banana peels.

Can cats eat banana peels?

The answer is - absolutely not. Make sure your feline friend doesn't get a chance to taste the peel, as while bananas are not toxic for them, peels are and can cause even death, so the only place for the peal in your home is in the trash bin.

Yes, peals are scary when you look at them that way, but many cats can find bananas overall repelling.


Not at all.

But why some cats are afraid of bananas?

Well, it is because they are super smart creatures who just know what is good for them and what is not. Cats can sense that the banana peel has something to it that can harm them and thus they find the relly repelling, at least until you unpeel them. Their instinct simply just never lies.

banana milk

Can cats drink banana milk?

The only that tastes somewhat like banana, but is more sugary than the actual fruit is banana milk. It is not only sweeter, but because we are talking about milk it can have a negative effect on their tummy, and that is no good.

While cats do enjoy milk, not all of them digest it very well, so combine that with an increased amount of sugar and you get a drink that is definitely not the best option for your furry friend, especially if they already have digestion problems and lactose intolerance.

In the end, not all cats are going to like the delight you are offering them. Some may be very drawn to try a piece of banana for the sake of curiosity and the interesting smell it has, while some are going to be very unamused and wall by that the pieces as if it was an inanimate object they are done playing with.

To summarize, yes they can eat bananas. Yes, they can have health benefits and yes, they can also cause health problems if your cat gets a little too fond of eating them.

So when it comes to fruit like this, giving it in small quantities and your cat's personal preferences are what truly matters.