Does My Cat Know I Love Him? Does She Love Me?


If you are a cat lover, it is very likely that, at some point in your cat-admiration oriented life, you have wondered what does your cat thinks of you. 

We sure know what you think of them.

They are the cutest, smartest thing that has ever walked the earth.

But, what do cats think about us?

Do they like us?

Is that love returned?

Cats are smart creatures and are, just like other pets, very fond of their owners.

They appreciate how you treat them and love to play around with you just as much you love playing with them.

However, the way they perceive us may actually differ from, let's say, how dogs see us.

Have you ever wondered how come that cats, of all other pets people own, tend to be the most chill around humans?

Many times, unless they feel threatened, they would just calmly walk by you like you were an inanimate object.

This steams from their perception of us, humans. It may surprise you, but they actually do not see us as a different species from them at all.

Cats Think Humans are Other Cats.  

Yes, you’ve read it right.

There is a reason why your feline friend acts as if they are your office mate, your roommate or best friend.

Cats act consistently no matter whether they are around other cats or people.

They perceive us as big, not-so versatile and capable cats, which is why they don’t act so surprised when they see us on the street.

While a dog may even follow you down the street, a cat will just walk by, thinking to themselves - oh, just another cat. That doesn’t your cat doesn’t love you.

On the contrary. While dogs are more likely to perceive you, like their master, cats actually see you as some sort of their equal which is why they show love differently.

You are the feline pal, just as much as they are yours. 

How Cats Show Their Love to You?

There are a couple of ways cats show how much they care about you.

Their love language is actually quite easy to pick up on, especially is you know what to look for as a sign of affection Here are some ways your feline best friend shows you, love:

  • Showing their belly to you
  • When cats roll over and lay on their back, fully exposing their tummy to you, this is a sign they feel very comfortable around you.

    Your presence feels non-threatening, completely safe and they are relaxed enough to be themselves.

    Because belly is the most sensitive part of the cat's body, showing it off like that is a sign that they actually trust you and have full confidence in your relationship. 



  • Sitting on you or beside you

  • How many times your cat has climbed you like you are the next mountain top to be conquered?

    Probably countless times. Each time they did that they were actually showing you they care about you. When they sit on or beside you, they are actually trying to connect with you and be closer to you.

    This way they are trying to say that they love being by your side and that your company feels safe and loving.

  • Bringing you dead mice, birds and other so-called gifts

  • Why ould someone gives you a thoughtful present?

    Because they care about you, od course! Cats are no different. Because they see you as one of their kind, giving you something a cat would like to get for a present is a way of them trying to surprise you and show how much they care for your wellbeing.

    Their natural instinct is to care for their family, which in this case is you.

    By bringing you dead animals they are trying to show you they can do something great for you too.


  • Wraps Its Tail Around You

  • Just like us, humans like to hug each, cats like to wrap their tails around their object of affection. If they re trying to cuddle with you and give you a tail-wrap around a leg, just know this is an equivalent of a hug.

    This is a sign f a try companionship and love-based relationship, so the net time they do that doesn’t hesitate to show them some love back.

    What can you do to show them your love even more?

    Cats equivalent to a kiss is a soft eye blink, so one of the things you can do to show them you love them, even from across the room, is slow eye blink at her.

    This is a sign they can understand, so you as a tall, clumsy cat can use this to communicate with your beloved furry friend.

    But how about human versions of a kiss?

    Do cats like to be kissed?

    Well, this is tricky territory, but not trickier than human logic. How well your cat will receive a kiss will largely depend on their personality and how they were trained.

    While some cats enjoy being kisses, others despise it, just like some kids wipe off aunts kiss from their cheeks. Pay attention to how your cat reacts to your kiss attempts.

    If they lean towards you, that is a good sign, but if not, you better not attempt it in the future, as they probably find it uncomfortable, and that is ok. 

    If there is a love language you’d like to share with your kitty, you can always try some training.

    While all cats have their own love languages, how they will express themselves will largely depend on what they re used to, so being open with showing your love and praising them for cuddling and closeness can bring you two together as every day goes by.

    Treats, playfulness, catnip or a slow blink is a nice way to communicate with a feline friend, so make sure there are plenty of these communication symbols in your relationship.

    They will love it more and more. And so will you.