Flavored Water: Why Your Cat is Going to Love It!


Besides making sure they regularly get to the veterinarian, have their daily meals be delicious and hair neatly groomed, taking good care of your feline friend also means paying extra attention to their likes and dislikes.

In order to keep them happy and healthy, a cat owner needs to be sure their furry friend has the most comfortable bed, some nutritious food served and the best toys there are.

They also need to make sure they always stay hydrated, and while this seems like the easiest task, getting a cat to drink enough water can sometimes be a real mission impossible.


The odd relationship cats have with their water bowls

There are plenty of reasons why cats don’t stay as hydrated as they need to be.

Some of the possible reasons why a cat won’t drink from the bowl are that they just dislike where you have placed it or you simply sometimes forget to pour fresh water more frequently.

However, one of the common, but frequently overlooked reasons why your cat doesn’t get anywhere near the water bowl is that the water in it has a funny smell or taste.

Cats are very sensitive to sensory stimulation and will notice even the slightest change in the taste of water.

Every time they dip whiskers after a well-deserved meal in the water they leave some of the after-lunch particles there, which causes the water to taste funny and develop bacteria, especially if you don’t replace it with fresh water often enough.

However, sometimes the very water can have a very repelling taste, no matter how frequently you sip in the bowl during the day, and this is particularly true for tap water.

I these cases, when you suspect the water for the kitty smells and tastes funny it is tome for some extra measurements and these measurements are called the water.


What is so great about flavored water?

If it’s not the lack of freshness and the leftover smell of yesterday's food, as picky as they can get, cats can simply find the taste of water plain.

For these reasons, cat lovers and experts have created something that will lure them in to drink more. The tick about the flavored water is that it adds the taste and the smell to the water that your cat actually likes.

This can be tuna, salmon, chicken or anything else they prefer. It is all about tricking their senses and making them think they are enjoying their favorite meal, while instead, they are just getting hydrated, finally!

These are usually highly concentrated, powerful and healthy liquids, where just a few drops can make a whole lot of difference for the cat.

Besides transforming the water bowl into something that draws their attention because it activates their senses and therefore makes them drink more water, these flavors are also usually enriched with healthy ingredients that boost their health.

In other words, by adding flavor to the bowl your cats used to pretty much ignore, now you can both boost their immune system and get them to drink more, which is great.


Flavored bottled water with vitamins and minerals is also a good solution to think about in case you are looking for alternative ways to boost their health and take care of their wellbeing without giving them medications.

Look at the water flavors a nice addition to your furry finds diet. While not a replacement for medicine or a healthy, carefully picked and certified flavors that contain certain percentages of vitamins and minerals are a nice supplement to add to your kitty's meals.


Do cats like flavored water?

Just like their owners, all cats have different preferences and tastes, and what may work some, other kitties will diminish as a disrespect to their great sense of taste.

While there are always those kitties who are just super picky about what they like, the good news is, majority feline friends react positively to the flavored water, especially if the flavor you add is their absolute favorite.

When it comes to choosing the best option, you will need to be a little intuitive and know your cat well enough to get them the right flavor that will get them to stay hydrated instead of repelling them even more.

No matter if they like chicken broth or tuna the most, pay attention to what their favorite meals are and get an organic, natural flavor to spice the water up.

You don’t want to add artificial flavors, but only those carefully derived from quality pieces of food, while always paying attention to the quality.

Flavored water is a nice way to improve their overall wellbeing and with it, you can not only stimulate them to stay more hydrated, but you will also do something great for their health, especially if you think they need some extra vitamins and minerals.

However, in case your cat says no to the flavor you pick, don’t get discouraged, as not all cats are made the same and having one is like having a kid, sometimes a very picky kid if you mind.

What you can do is simply try another flavor or a flavor from another manufacturer, and experiment a little bit with different options.

What you need to know is that flavors made to make the water more appealing are not harmful to their health, especially when you get them from the top-rated manufacturers whose products are 100% certified and organic, as these usually contain important ingredients like taurine, vitamins C, A or E.

Besides checking whether the choice you opt for is organic, make sure the chosen product is not carbonated or contains chlorine.