How to Choose the Best Cat Tree for Two Cats?

How to Choose the Best Cat Tree for Two Cats

Since cats can be so finicky, you will need to make sure they each have their own space available to them.

The cat tree must have a platform and a scratching post or rope. A sleeping area for each cat would add to their excitement.

The best cat tree for two cats should not only have all of these features but fit safely in your home.

Desirable Features for Your New Cat Tree

When you are shopping for your felines’ new piece of furniture, be sure to really get a feel for its construction and quality.

Does the base seem sturdy?

Cats do not want to climb on something that may tip over; they will surely abandon ship if they think it is going down.

Is the wood appropriate for your family members to sleep on?

Many pieces of composite wood are filled with toxins.

Are there enough levels so your solitary cats can have their own areas?

Is the upholstery attached firmly?

If you can lift it off with your fingers, just think what your furry friends will do with their claws!

Most people with cats have experienced the dread of hearing that scratching sound coming from the other room and wondering if that was the sound of claws on the couch!

A good cat tree should have ample sisal attached to the designated scratching areas.

If you have trouble getting your cat to scratch on the sisal, simply redirect her whenever she starts to scratch on something inappropriate, like your favorite chair!

When trying to find the right features in a cat tree for both of your furry friends, look around your home to see what your cats are interested in.

For instance, does your cat hang out in the basket of clean laundry? Perhaps they would like a cat tree with a hammock.

Do they like to sit upon your shelves and keep watch of the goings-on of your home?

Check out a cat tree with plenty of ledges. Just remember, that a taller tree will need a sturdier base.

Many cats like climbing into secluded areas. Some cats will even get themselves into trouble by climbing in open dryers or linen closets.

You can keep an eye on your friends if you have a designated place for them to go; secluded cubbies are the perfect solution to rest or hide.


Recommended Cat Trees for Two Cats
Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 62

The “Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 62 in. High” from Go Pet

"Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 62in." has earned great reviews from its human users, which means that its feline users love it, too!

The cat tree comes in a variety of colors. There are also navyblack, and brown options.
You are about to add a new piece of furniture to your home and it helps if it matches!
The overall size of the cat tree is 38 inches wide, 27 inches long, and 62 inches high. The base is 26 inches wide by 19 inches long.
Advantages of the tree include multiple platforms for multiple cats, a hammocka seata ropetwo hideouts, and a ladder. It is also affordable.
Quality wise this tree is a good set for starters, it won’t last forever, but it’ll help you find out which features your cats favor the most in a cat tree.
Unfortunately, this not made of solid wood, but that has not presented as a problem for the consumers. The top platform is the least secure since it has only one point of attachment.
Some users even said their cats were too big for the hideouts, so if your cats are larger, you should opt for a different tree instead.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree 72

The next cat tree is the “Go Pet Club Cat Tree - 72 in.”

The biggest obvious advantage of "Go Pet Club Cat Tree 72in."s option is how big it is! At 50 inches wide, 26 inches long, and 72 inches high.

This is a better option for those with two or more cats, especially if they are larger breeds as the hideouts are more spacious.

People love this cat tree because it has 10 scratching posts and plenty of platforms at different heights.

The posts are all covered in sisal, so your felines do not have to look far to get their scratching fix.

You can choose between the beige and the blue option to suit your décor, but there are no black or brown options.

The 72-inch cat tree is not only taller, but with a base of 28 by 24 inches, it is larger, so it may be more than you have space for. It offers plenty of space for two cats and is of solid quality. Just make sure it fits into your home.

The reviewers of this product love how sturdy it is. People give accounts of climbing on the cat tree themselves!

Your larger cats should have no issue climbing and leap from this fun furniture. If you have the need and space, this would be a great option!

Especially for people with larger breeds like Maine Coon or others, this is worth having a look at!



SONGMICS 67 Cat Tree Condo

The “SONGMICS 67" Cat Tree Condo with "Scratching Post Pad Cat Tower Furniture House”

“SONGMICS 67" offers more plush surfaces and more integrated toys.

The dimensions are 23.6 inches long, 21.6 inches wide, and 67 inches high, which means it has a much smaller footprint than the 72-inch Go Pet Club. This cat tree also offers plenty of sisal rope for your felines to flex their nails.

This cat tree is unique not only because it is plusher, but also because it comes with several integrated toys (which might not live forever, we all know what will happen to them soon).

The ramp is covered in sisal rope, which appeals to cats and furniture lovers, alike! Fortunately for our larger felines, this has plenty of room and large openings to the hideouts.

There are no hammocks, but some cats do not like to sleep or even step on any moving surface anyway. In this case, you’re not missing out on anything here.

Since this cat tree costs more, you may need to do some serious cat research before investing in this cat tree.



The modern design of the “FrontPet Apex Modern Cat Tree Tower” is sure to appeal to even the most discriminating of cat owners.

If you have had trouble finding a cat tree that fits into your décor, Apex Modern Cat Tree Tower could be it! The sleek wooden design measures 23 inches long, 23 inches wide, and 68 inches high.

Since the wood on this cat tree is unfinished, you can stain or paint it however you want to fit your home. There are four platforms for your cats to perch.

Unlike the other cat trees featured here, this does not include any plush fabrics, toys, or hideouts.

This is more of a minimalist cat tree, so your cats may prefer to also have some stylish hideout (link to a minimalist hideout box or something) options in addition to this cat tree for some privacy.

One big advantage of not having any plush parts is that it makes the tree much easier to clean and maintain.

The part of a conventional cat tree that usually gives up first is the plush, or it gets stained or damaged in part and can’t be exchanged.

And don’t worry, your cat won’t slip off the bare wood, there are scratch mats attached to every platform which can be taken off for separate cleaning – this is one major advantage of this modern version of a cat tree.

This cat tree will cost you at least twice as much as the other options but might be just what you are looking for.

A modern day easy to clean cat tree with natural minimalist design and unfinished wood - this cat tree definitely is an eyecatcher.