Leveling Up Cat Grooming: Choosing the Best Trimmers for Long-haired Cats

Long Hair Cat

There is no doubt that very few pets are as adorable as cats are. But there is also no doubt that very few need as much grooming as cats do.

No matter if you have a short-haired or long-haired cat, kitty hair flying around is probably something you are very familiar with.

So are the tangles.

And mats.

Add your cat's rebellious behavior to the mixture and you get a clipping session that looks like a rebellion against authority, rather than a visit to the salon. 

The importance of grooming is undeniable and the good thing is, all cat lovers are really keen to make their cats happy, even though many of them are proud owners of very mischievous creatures.

Not all cats are the same, and not all have the same fur or the same behavior.

Mats and tangles are not only related to the matter of aesthetics but are ideal nests for tiny predators like fleas and ticks and more than ideal spots for dirt and dander to set in, and this can result in irritated skin, scratching and discomfort for the kitty. 

How to make my cat befriend cat clippers?

Does my cat need a haircut?

What are the best clippers for cats?

How to make grooming more fun for my cat?

If these and similar questions are flooding your mind, you are in the right place. 

Which are the best pet clippers for cats? 

Not all pet hair clippers are made the same, so the best clipper for your cats are those specialized to eliminate mats and tangles that are typical for feline friends, as cats fur is different to dogs and requires different tools.

These should have high performance, have sharp blades, but still be safe for your kitty.

There are a couple of different types of cat hair clippers you can opt for, all of which are specially designed for cat grooming.

The only difference is in the performance and the design, so whatever type of clipper you choose you probably won't regret it.

Two main types of electric cat hair trimmers and corded and cordless tools, both of which can come as a part of a kit or as single tools.

So, how to choose the best clippers for cats with mats?  

Brushed motor or electric cat hair trimmer is similar to what barbers use for men's beard and head shaving, only this one is specialized for cats fine hair and sensitive skin.

These tools feature a brushless motor which carefully trims cat hair and are typically very efficient when it comes to neat grooming.

However, just like any other cat grooming tools, they require a steady hand, so working with them takes some practice.

They come corded and cordless and the difference is not so much in performance, but rather in practicality and energy saving.

Both corded and cordless cat hair trimmers can be extremely efficient when it comes to their performance, but what distinct the corded option from the other category is limited maneuvering capability.

While with the cordless option you can even chase your furry friend all over the place to get them groomed, corded options have smaller reach as you can extend your hands only to the point the cord length allows you to.

They also depend on electricity and need to be plugged into work, which is not always convenient.

Cordless options, on the other hand, are either precharged or require batteries, and this allows you to move more freely when grooming, without the cord getting all tangled up.

The downside of cordless options, however, is that overall these models ten to have less power and slightly weaker performance, especially by the end of a clipping session, when many models tend to lose power as the battery begins to die out.


How Often to Groom your Cat?

While all cats need grooming, when it comes to long-haired fellas, grooming requirements are far greater than for short-haired cats.

Long-haired cats have beautiful, rich fur, but because of its length, they frequently end up with tangles you need to take care of.

For short-haired cats, detailed grooming once a week can be enough, but for cats with longer hair, it is advisable to have a little grooming session every or every second day, in order to keep the fur neat looking.

Because sometimes grooming can be time-consuming and cats are frequently restless, existing al your attempts to beautify them, you can try to spice it up and make it fun, both for yourself and your furry pal.

One of the best ways to make beautifying sessions easier for both yourself and your cat is trying to keep it as short as possible while giving them lots of love, attention, and affection in the process to make it all more convenient for them.

It is always a wise choice to help your pet feel more comfortable during trimming, and this may require some training, so the younger the cat the better.

In case your adult cat is getting introduced to electric clippers for the first time, try to introduce them first to the sound of the clippers if they make any, as they can get afraid of the electric sound coming their way.

Let them come near the trimmer and give it time for them to get accustomed to it.

Once they are, each next clipping session will pass without much fuss. Giving treats is always a plus, so wherever they behave during a grooming session, don’t hesitate to reward good behavior with their favorite treats.

If you do so, chances are they will look forward to every next rooming session.

In case the kitty gets too restless, try with catnip, as this will calm them down and you will be able to perform your cat barber duties with ease.