Our Cats' Favorite - Valerian Root for Cats

Just in case you've never tried it, you really should. 
For most cats, the smell of the Valerian root is highly intoxicating, but don't worry, your cat won't need to go to rehab soon after, instead, you'll wish you tried it earlier. 
Valerian Root for Cats
The moment you see your cat's pupils widening and it starts drooling and calmly purring you know that the Valerian root is the real deal for them.
Of course, the effect wears off after a while if they have constant and unlimited access to it.
Valerian root toys should, therefore, be used as a special treat for special days. Just treat it like the glass of red wine you grant yourself after a long week of work, next time you open a bottle you grant your cat the same pleasure of indulging in something delicious and the two of you will relax side by side. 
Our tip:
You can prolong the effect of the Valerian root toys by carefully squeezing and breaking the small pieces of the root inside of the bag or pillow to release more of the smell once you feel the toy is losing its effect.
Additionally, you can store them in a plastic bag while not in use, that also helps to preserve the smell for a bit longer. 
Enjoy watching your cat enjoying itself :)
Cats Rule - Your team from catsegory.com