Soft Dry Food and Why It’s a Top Choice for Older Cats

Soft dry cat food for older cats

One of the best ways an owner of a senior cat can care for their feline friend is by making sure they serve them quality, highly nutritious foods.

Cat are creatures who naturally crave a lot of protein that will support their physical performance.

They are primarily meat-eaters, but they also benefit a lot from vitamin and mineral-rich foods, as these are just as important to keep them healthy. 

They need a daily dose of high-quality protein to stay healthy, and elderly cats are no different.

To stay in shape, which becomes harder as they age, they need more nutritious, easy to digest and easy to swallow food that will keep their muscles as strong as possible.

Two of the most common types of cat food on the market, besides what you prepare for them in your own kitchen, are dry and wet cat food.

Both of these types have their pros and cons and ideally, should both be on your cat's plate.

Both, if made of quality ingredients, are nutritionally complete and can be a good base for a well-balanced diet.

However, all cats have different preferences and while some may like wet food exclusively, some are very fond of dry food.

Moreover, besides cats' preferences, their age plays an important role when it comes to choosing a proper diet, as choosing a proper diet for elderly cats can not only improve their health but also prevent all kinds of diseases.


Advantages of Choosing Specialized Food for Older Cats  

Elderly cats are more likely to suffer gastrointestinal problems, are more prone to inflammation, infections, and various diseases.

Their immune system is not as strong as it was and neither are their bones and muscles.

As they age, their organism becomes more sensitive to bad food and exterior influences, and they gradually start losing vitality. 

This is why to keep them healthy, you need to alter their lifestyle and diet.

Specialized food for older cats is made having in mind the sensitivity of their organism and therefore is rich in important nutrients an elderly cat needs to stay healthy. 

Unlike before when they could easily bite into anything, an aging cat needs more quality protein, but such they can easily chew, swallow and digest.

Many elderly cats lose teeth and therefore getting them a meal that is specially made for them will help them enjoy their favorite taste without them having to battle food in the bowl. 

What is Soft Dry Food for Cats?

A combination of wet and dry food provides for a healthy digestive system and boosts the immunity.

However, as cats age, their teeth become more fragile and dry food becomes a problem, as they can’t devour their dry bites as they used to.

This can become an issue, especially if they are very used to and fond of dry food.

That is why one of the best ways to replace dry food, but still provide your kitty with a balanced diet, is by adding semi-moist food on their plate.

Compared to dry food, semi-dry food is lightly moist.

This is cat food that is not completely dehydrated, which means it is softer to bite, but still has the consistency of typically dry food.

Soft dry food usually comes in pouches, and the great news about it is that cats seem to like its consistency.

It is moister than dry food and less water than wet food, which makes for a good balance and a nice alternative for older cats who cant deal with pieces of hard to chew dry food. 

It is usually given as a treat but can be a nice way of enriching your elderly cat's diet.

This is a great solution for picky eaters as well, particularly those who dislike wet food. 

Why Do You Want to Feed Your Cat Soft Dry Cat Foods? 

Because this type of cat food is ideal for stimulating gums and preventing teeth from falling out while allowing your cat to enjoy the full taste.

Cats teeth are made for ripping prey and once they become fragile and fall out, your cat is no longer able to battle tough pieces of meat or sharp pieces of dry food.

Soft dry cat food is hard enough to have a crunchy feel to it and wet enough not to hurt sensitive gums and teeth.

It is particularly suitable for cats who have already lost some teeth, can’t chew properly or have sensitive gums. 

How We Choose The Foods for a Senior Cat with a Few Missing Teeth?

Elderly cats have slightly different nutritional needs than adult cats.

With age, their teeth become more fragile, which unfortunately increases the risk of losing teeth, digestive and the immune system becomes more sensitive, which makes them more prone to diseases.

This is why it is important to choose pet food that will stimulate their gums, give them enough necessary nutrients and strengthen their bones.

One of the most important criteria when choosing the right food for all cats, but particularly elderly cats, is quality. 

Top-quality cat food contains no grain, no soy, corn or fillers.

It is also free of preservatives, added colors and harmful chemicals that could disbalance your furry pal’s health.

This is why you should always go for certified cat food, where the best choice is food that is made especially for elderly cats because they are usually rich in ingredients that strengthen the immune system, protect bones and muscles.

Some foods for elderly cats also contain ingredients that strengthen teeth and gums as well.

Look for cat food that is rich with omega-3 fatty acids, taurine, vitamins, and minerals, as such foods will support their health.