That's Some Seriously Hot Tip - Get Your Cat a Radiator Bed!

I had to have a cat radiator bed for our little fatty after I caught him several times desperately trying to squeeze himself on top of the radiator without any chance of succeeding.

cat radiator bed

He's the 'sun worshiper' type of cat - adores the warmth and could spend all day lying in the sun in summer or in front of a cozy fireplace in winter.

Since I can'toffer him the fireplace, I had to find something else I could do. 

And his dream came true. He found his source of warmth to worship and the cat radiator bed made it possible! 

I find the 'Natural Bamboo Radiator Cat Bed Tunnel' to be a good choice since my tomcat also enjoys hiding under or inside of all kinds of things. Plus, I really like the design as well as easy handling. 


Check out our Cat Radiator Beds and find the radiator bed that will turn these long winter days into heaven for your cat. 

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