What Do Cats Like to Drink and What Should Never be in Their Bowl

cat drinking tea

Just like all living things, cats too need to stay properly hydrated to survive and thrive. And while we humans have quite a large spectrum of drinks we can consume, feline buddies simply need to be pickier about what they eat and drink.

But what is it exactly that cants can drink? What can we, their owners and best friends pour into their bowls to help them stay healthy? What is their favorite drink of choice?

Before diving into these mysteries of the cat’s universe, let’s first understand the basics of the cat’s organism, shall we?

Why Proper Hydration is Important for Cats?

Cats are tiny urban predators who need a lot of protein, vitamins, and in minerals order to be their best selves and similar to us, their body consists mainly of water, which makes about 70 percent of their body mass.

That being said, they need a lot of water to stay healthy. Not only proper hydration is important for proper functioning, but it influences many things, from activity levels and aesthetic appearance of their hair to circulation, mental function, digestion and much more.

A cat who is dehydrated is a cat that will probably have dry skin and hair, be less driven to explore and get active and can have trouble in the tummy area, because wit t lack of fluids, especially if their diet consists mainly of dry cat food, they will probably experience constipation and another tummy discomfort.

Water helps balance out all bodily functions and to understand how dehydrated cat feels, just put yourself in their perspective and remember how you feel when you don’t get to drink water when you need it the most.

You probably have dry mouth, are nervous, tired and even a bit cranky. Well, that is exactly how your beloved furry royalty feels as well. Not pleasant, right?

They may even lose appetite and have weight issues, which is why it is crucially important to give them fresh food on a daily basis.

One of the ways you can stimulate hem to drink more is either by adding flavored drops into the water bowl or getting an automatic water fountain, that will draw their attention thanks to the sound it makes.

These devices are made to refreshen the water in case you forget to do so, keeping it fresh all day long for your feline friend.

Flavored water is simply freshwater with few drops of their favorite taste and smell, such as salmon, tuna or chicken.

These flavors are made to draw your kitty to drink more, in case they simply find water a little bit boring because they are naturally spoiled like that.

Whatever the choice, if you notice any of the mentioned signs of dehydration, make sure you pour the water on a regular basis and don't forget to monitor how much they drink.

Remember, a hydrated cat is a cat that has pretty balanced electrolytes and this means well-balanced bodily functions. In case of severe dehydration, it is always vise to pay a visit to a medical pro who will be able to give your furry friend a proper treatment.


What do cats like to drink?

One of the most frequently seen scenes on the TV screen, besides cat chasing a mouse or eating fish, is seeing kitties drink milk. You can see it everywhere, from kids cartoons to illustrations and movies. But, is milk actually good for your feline buddy?

Well, not really. Here is the trick.

Cats are indeed drawn to drink milk and many even really like the taste of it. The real reason why they may like it is that it is one of the rare drinks that have a higher amount of fat in it.

However, just because they may take a sip or two doesn’t mean milk or other dairy products, be it of animal or plant origin, is the best drink to be served on their menu.

On the contrary, it can cause some unpleasant digestion issues, like diarrhea, constipation and similar issues. The reason behind this lies in the fact that milk is high in lactose, and cats have a lot of trouble digesting it.

Because all cats are different, for some it can be a mild problem, but for other cats, it can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on their digestive system.

There are specific types of milk made especially for cats that have lover lactose levels in them, for those cats who just really can’t resist the taste.

In case your feline does not like milk or has the take-it-or-leave-it attitude towards it, specialized cat milk is definitely not a necessity on their menu.

Another thing they should not drink is any type of juice, particularly citrusy drinks as they can be toxic to them.

The same goes for tea, as some herbs can have the same effect as citrus fruit, so experimenting with tea is definitely not worth giving a shoot. Sugar from these drinks is not healthy for them and can cause health issues, such as weight problems or diabetes.

So, because they shouldn’t drink dairy products or juice, what can they drink?

The answer is - water. Now you probably understand why they can refuse to drink simply plain water sometimes.

If you had to drink only one drink for the rest of your life, you would be bored with it too. Nevertheless, water is the only drink that is healthy for them and the only drink that can keep them healthy and properly hydrated.

This is is why your only concern is trying to figure ways how to help them drink more, either by adding flavors, buying a fountain or placing multiple bowls all over the house.