Why Cats Pee on Clothes and How to Get Cat Spray Out of Clothes?


Having a cat is one of the best life-choices one can make. These creatures are unpredictable in many ways, and for cat owners, it is not uncommon to see ruined furniture, interior, and clothes when these cute little beasts are around.

Besides scratches all over the furniture and cat hairs flying around, cat pee is one of the worst parts of having a cat, and this does not apply only to the litter where cat spray usually belongs.

We are talking about smelly yellow stains on the clothes that just don’t seem to go away with the best of the best detergents there are on the market.

So if this is your reality you may be already trying to find solutions on how to get cat pee out of clothes, couches, towels, rugs, and carpet?

But, to address this issue, we first need to dive in all the possible reasons why your kitty behaves the way they do.

dirty clothes

Why Does My Cat Pee on My Clothes? 

There is always a possibility your kitty is just a misbehaved mischief maker that doesn’t seem to obey.

Perhaps they were a little too rebellious when they were young kittens and you potty training them just seemed to end up with little progress.

However, while mischief is a common trait in cats, most often than not, there is a deeper reason why your furry pal urinates on your clothes. 

When cats say goodbye to their litter boxes and move their toilet somewhere else, like pieces of your favorite clothing, this is a sign of behavioral problems or underlying medical conditions, where some shouldn't be taken so lightly.

Plenty of cats who are urinating in inappropriate places have certain health problems that should be checked and diagnosed by a veterinarian in order not only to eliminate the smelly stains but help your kitty feel better.

It is not uncommon for smelly stains on clothes to be a result of your cat's kidney disease, bladder inflammation, bladder stones and similar conditions which make it hard for them to control urinating impulses.

Besides urinary tract inflammation and infections, your cat could be dealing with hyperthyroidism and hormone disbalance, which causes them to ‘’let loose’’ more frequently.

Crystals in the urine, especially in gentlemen cats, can be a serious issue that needs to be addressed, so whatever the cause of inappropriate urination is, it is always a wise choice to talk to a veterinarian who will be able to figure out what an underlying issue of uncontrollable being might be.

Getting the right treatment is vital, and sometimes there can be a combination of both medical and behavioral problems that are causing smelly stains all over your place.

Cats, just like humans, suffer from depression, stress and can be affected by trauma if they have experienced some.

This can be as simple as moving into a new place or more serious, like a surgical operation or attack.

Stressed cats and cats who are dealing with any type of psychological issue and trauma can often leave yellow smelly traces behind.

The best way to address this issue is by taking good care of them, talking to a professional for possible treatment, all in combination with effective and considerate training.

Cats too feel discomfort when they have any of the mentioned diseases and relieving themselves on a soft blanket or scarf is their way of making themselves feel better.

Compared to soft fabrics your clothes and furniture are made of, the litter box becomes a rough and unpleasant place to use, especially if the texture doesn’t seem to click with your cat.

In that case, make sure to try different types of the litter as it might be that your cat just doesn’t stand the litter you are filling their litter box with. 

How Do I Get Rid of Cat Spray on Clothes?

When all the health and behavioral issues have been addressed, and you have hopefully found the right treatment for your beloved furry pal, only one thing remains to deal with, and that is the very stains the little one has left behind.

So, what actually takes out cat spray?  

It is a tricky question, but the good news is, getting rid of the stain and the smell it comes with is possible with proper fabric treatment and cleansers that are made for these types of smelly accidents cats make.

When your furry pal starts leaving smelly urine stains all over your clothes or furniture, there are three things you can use to get rid of the stain, and these are enzymatic cleaners, vinegar, and the oxygen.

  • Enzymatic Cleansers

    Enzymatic cleansers are purposely made to penetrate the organic, cat-made stain, dissolve it an remove the odor. They are formulated with smart enzymes, helpful bacteria and other useful ingredients that break down the acid from their urine, removing the urine spot and replacing odor with pleasant, fresh smell. They are made to remove the ammonia smell from the stain and many of them are designed to prevent cats from peeing on the same spot ever again, which is something every cat owner should own.
  • Vinegar

    Vinegar is known to be powerful neutralizes when it comes to cat pee stains. All you need to do is mix it with some water, spray it on the desired spot, wait for the mixture to penetrate the desired spot and leave it in for a few minutes. You can mix it with baking soda as it has powerful penetrating properties, but won’t damage your clothes. Once the vinegar has penetrated the stain, use water to wash it away or throw the piece of clothing in the washing machine for a regular wash.
  • Oxygen

    We are not talking about oxygen alone, off course. We are talking about highly efficient oxygen-activated sprayers that are available on the market. These are made to remove the stains and the odor with a formula that gets activated when exposed to the oxygen. The formula penetrates the stain and in contact with oxygen, you will have a fresh odor-free carpet or t-shirt once again.