Why Do Cats Get Attached to One Person? How to make them like you more?

girl smiling and hugging cat


Cats have lived with humans for a long time. A very long time. To understand just how long of a period we are talking about, here is a brief history of cats and people.

A few decades ago, scientists have found that our feline besties for long 12.000 years, which means we have quite some history together.

First furry friends have been domesticated once humans really started putting effort into going crops instead of just hunting and gathering fruits and veggies randomly.

Once the crops were stored, humans needed some animals that would protect their household from these little predators that keep messing with harvested goods, like dogs, species that originally were domesticated before cats, were pretty much not interested in chasing mice all over the place.

Not to mention they were not as nearly as agile as our feline friends for that kind of task. 

That's when cats became our household pets, and we started growing on them so much that archeologists have found that some very B.C human corpses have been buried with cats beside them.

They also found that all cat species we know today and live with originating from five different cat species that come from North and South Europe, Central Asia, North Africa and the area of today's China.

Since the moment our species bonded with these creatures, cats have quickly found their place in our hearts. They too bond with us. But are you the lucky person they care about the most?

How to know if I'm a cat's favorite person?

There are few ways cats show you mean to them, and if you are their favorite human being you will definitely know. All you need is a basic knowledge of cat behavior to figure that out.

Now, cats are all different and their personalities are sometimes full of contradictions, but there are few kinds of universal ways cats communicate to you in their language to say that they like you as a person.

The obvious way to show you their affection is by trading to cuddle with you. However, there are some more hidden cues as well and one of the common, but not so easy to understand ways is that they simply stick with you. Yes, as simple as that.

If a cat stays by your side, seems relaxed and comfy when you are around and even feel courageous enough to lay on the back with belly turned towards you, this is a pretty good signal.

It means that they trust you and feel safe in your presence, therefore you are their favorite human being. Most cats won’t feel as nearly relaxed around someone they don’t like. In cases they don’t really acknowledge you as their buddy, they would act skittish, defensive, cautious and even keep their distance. Don’t feel bad about yourself, that’s just the way cats are.

However, if it all was that simple cat wouldn’t be cats. How cats react to any human in their environment largely depends on how they were raised, just like little kids.

Cats who spent a lot of their kittenhood days around people and in the noisy, extraverted environment may be way more adapted to humans and way more eager to socialize.

While they probably won’t run away at the sight of a new person coming their way, for some cats this early exposure to a lot of human contacts can form unresponsiveness, making them generally uninterested in any one company in particular.

These cats will be either too relaxed can chill around you, or simply unbothered by your presence at all, but that doesn’t mean they like you.

On another hand, the cats who weren't exposed to humans and stimuli as much in their first months will probably be much more defensive around any new human being, so if such cats approach you that is probably a good sign.

That being said and the extraversion and introversion factor is understood, you are probably now wondering what makes a cat like you, particularly you, most of all the people they interact on a daily basis?

Or, if they don’t you are curious about how can they like you even more? Without further due, here come the answers you need.

How to bond with your cat

Our feline friends are complex, there is no doubt about that. But, fortunately, you can learn how to bond with them a little bit better. The only thing you need to do is simply earn the cat language.

Well, if it was only that easy. All cats communicate differently, and just like we make friends with other people, they bond with certain humans based on how well they communicate with them.

Every cat has their own love language, has different preferences and needs and each cat has their number one person.

For you to in them over and become their number one, you need to pay attention to little cues they give you and intuitively follow the signals they throw your way. They turn head away if you try to kiss them? They might not like that way of expressing.

Maybe you give them boring toys. And maybe they don’t like how you cuddle with them.

Communication with your cat is key.

No one understands cats better than their owners do, so take the time to figure out what cat likes the most, as they will bond with a person who gets their need and language the most.

So, if they don’t seem to dig you the way they do the other household member, don’t feel rejected, as it doesn’t mean they don’t like you at all. It’s just that they have their best friend who communicates their needs perfectly and just seems to get them. If that person is you, know that you have a friend for life.