Why Does My Cat Bite My Feet? Should I take It Personal?

Cats are extraordinary creatures. We love them, they love us, but as much as we try to understand their quirky behavior and get to know the essence of their nature, sometimes it's hard not to find certain behaviors of theirs a little bit odd.

Them biting our feet is one of those behaviors.

As much as you love their company, when the attack your feet is the first thing that happens when you wake up, your cat becomes an equivalent to a mom vacuuming your room at 7 AM when you were a teen. 

yellow cat bites my feet

They bite you, you shrug them off, maybe scold them and even if you wanted to keep on snoozing for a short little while, this wish never gets fulfilled.

So, why does my cat attach my feet under the covers, you may wonder? Is it a weird compulsion set in their instinct? Do they do it for fun? Are they secretly plotting against you?

Don’t Take it Personal

It might comfort you to know that your beloved furry friend isn’’ intentionally trying to hurt you.

Cats chase feet because of hunting instinct. Yes, you read it right. As domesticated as they are, cats are also natural-born hunters who are very alert of stimuli around them and they are very alert to sounds and movement.

You can notice this trait of theirs when giving them interactive toys to play with. Your feet are no different.

When you sleep or rest, your body is in a rather passive state and your movements are minimized. Unless there are any other objects or beings moving around in the room, your cat adapts to your state of calm, where you are not giving them any motion stimuli.

When sleeping, especially with your kitty in the room, every movement after a period of calmness becomes intensified, and therefore calls your furry pal to take some action. 

In other words, your feet become as interesting as an interactive toy that mingles under the sheets.

They probably do know you are their owner and have no aggressive tendencies towards you, but their cat brain tells them your feet may be a fun pray to play with, meaning their cognition makes no distinction between a favorite interactive toy and their human roommate's body parts. 

black and white cat bites the feet

Why Do Cats Pull and Bite Legs and Ankles?

Waking up to a bite and a scream in the morning is no way to start a day. If morning bites have become a routine for you and your cat doesn’t seem to get tired of chasing your feet every morning, chances are, your cat is actively trying to tell you she wants to play.

Kitties have the compulsion to bite for many reasons, and to prevent this behavior from reoccurring try to understand what motivates them to get all playful with your feet.

There are two main reasons why your furry roommate would bite you. Being animals who love to hunt, they may simply do it for the sake of dominance, as you moving around freely like that endangers their dominance in the room.

cat biting his hand

Another reason may be that they are simply trying to communicate something. Do they need to use the litter? Are they thirsty or hungry? Do they want to play?

As all cats are different, examine your furry pal's behavior and try different methods to understand what is it that they are trying to tell you.

They use biting your legs as a way to draw your attention to them as in their mind you mingling under the sheats means you are awake and ready to fulfill their wishes and demands, like playing with them and giving them all your loving and attention.

Chances are, they probably don’t know how painful and unpleasant the bite can be, especially if they get carried away.

They are simply trying to assert themselves and show who is the boss or respond to a threat their brain perceives your feet to be, which is especially the case for young, untrained kittens.

Adult cats frequently bite you only to draw your attention to them or specific attention or need they need to be fulfilled.

They will usually be suggestive, leading you to the activity they would like you to engage in, so take a moment to decode what they are trying to tell you. 

What Should You Do If Your Cat Bites You?

Identifying your cat's needs is not an easy task, so it might take a while to understand why are they behaving the way they are.

One of the best ways to prevent morning accidents like these is either by keeping your pet engaged as much as you can or making their bed outside your bedroom if you can possibly fall asleep without them making you a company. 

A good way to prevent cat bites and keep them away from your feet and ankles in the morning is by finding creative ways to increase the fun factor for your cat.

While some cats are more of a phlegmatic, others are lively and need to be constantly busy to satisfy their need for movement.

Make sure your furry friend gets active throughout the day as much as you can by equipping your home with fun cat toys, especially those interactive ones, as this will keep them engaged and minimize the desire to hunt for your feet. 

Adding a catnip on your cat's menu can be a nice way to modify their behavior the natural way, as this plant can both stimulate the underactive and calm more hyper cats.

If their teeth manage to puncture the skin sanitize the skin immediately, as bacteria from the cat’s saliva can cause discomfort or even blood poisoning.

If the injury goes deep in the skin, consult a doctor to get the proper treatment to prevent possible health problems.