Modern Cat Beds

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Which piece of furniture would you consider the most important in your home? Right, your bed!

Since we’re sure you’d like to provide your cat with the same amount of comfort, we hand-picked a great selection of the best and most modern Cat Beds on the market.

Cats undoubtedly appreciate a comfy bed and as different as their characters are as different are their tastes in terms of sleeping preferences. Some enjoy a more secluded hideout kind of bed that fits on top of a closet, the more social ones often just prefer a comfy pillow close to their beloved humans and others are drawn to any kind of heat source and desperately try to squeeze their cute asses on top of the radiator.

Whether you’re looking for a radiator bed, a cuddly indoor pillow bed, a solid outdoor cat houses with insulation or indoor cat house, a heated bed for those colder days, a cat cave for the ones that prefer some peace and quiet or even an orthopedic bed for your kitty with special needs – we got them all, chosen with love and care for the most special kind of pet.

Enjoy browsing our Catsegory “Beds” and make your cat happy!