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Is it possible to train a cat? Well, a cat is not a dog and training her the way you would do with a dog is certainly not going to happen. However, there are ways to let’s call it convince your cat to show a certain kind of behavior or to bribe her into letting go of certain bad habits.

Of course, there is also a range of products to be found on the market, that function as deterrents or attractants to influence your cat’s behavior.

Nevertheless, IT IS possible to train a cat, just not the same way you would train a dog. Cats are independent, autonomous creatures that can be conditioned best by using positive reinforcement in order to condition certain kinds of behavior. Clicker training is a great way of training your cat and it has several beneficial effects for both you as the owner as well as for your kitty. By starting to clicker train your cat you stimulate and challenge her mind, which in turn decreases her level of boredom, often the root of unwanted behavioral patterns especially with indoor cats. Furthermore, you will strengthen your bond, get to know her better and you’ll be able to establish certain commands that will help you keep your kitty safe. If you are intrigued by the idea of clicker training your cat, check out this article for more information, inspiration and advice. 

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Have fun!