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Do you have to visit the vet? Do you want to travel with your kitty? Do you want to secure your garden? Whatever you and your kitty are up to – we got the right equipment! Here you find the purrfect crates, pens & kennels, strollers, travel bags, bicycle trailers and fence systems.

We all know how challenging it can be to put a cat in a crate and many cat owners break out in a cold sweat whenever facing this struggle.

The best way to avoid these stressful moments is to help your cat to get used to being in the crate ideally way before you actually need to use it. Once you bought a comfortable crate suitable for your travel plans, put it somewhere in your house with the door open and just leave it there. Ignore the crate for a couple of days. Your kitty’s natural curiosity will kick in and she will explore the new item.

Next you want your little feline friend to connect the crate with something positive, this can be reached by putting some of her most favorite treats in the crate as well as by integrating it in your daily playtime routine. Does your cat love to sleep on top of or next to the radiator in winter? Then put the crate in front of your radiator and let her enjoy the warmth in her new cozy house.

Please try to avoid forcing your kitty into a crate at all costs! This will leave a negative imprint that won’t make your life easier in the future. Cats are independent creatures that hate to be controlled in any way. Since it’s close to impossible to force a cat to do anything against her will, you need to be smart and find ways to make being in a crate attractive for her. It is absolutely worth putting some effort into familiarizing your cat with the idea of being transported in a crate since it will dramatically reduce both your and her stress level in those situations you really have no other choice, for example when she’s sick.

Good luck and safe travels!