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You are looking for a cat themed wall clock, table clock or alarm clock? Catsegory has got you covered!  

Cat-themed clocks are not only an eyecatcher, some of them are even considered a piece of (American) history. The Kit-Cat Klock for example has been around since 1932 already. The happy cat wall clock with its characteristic wagging tail does not only come in various colors, but you can even choose between the Gentlemen Clocks, wearing a little bowtie and the Lady Clocks, wearing a tiny pearl necklace instead. With this genuine piece of Americana, you easily add a sprinkle of color to your interior. Another cat themed wall clock that adds a touch of retro flair to your home is the Felix the Cat Clock depicting one of the best-known cartoon characters of all time whose origins go way back to the silent movie era. Felix came to life in 1919. Of course, we also added many other clocks of different styles, shapes, sizes and motives like the famous French “Le Chat Noir”.  

Have a look at our hand-picked Cat Themed Clocks selection and find the purr-fect clock to brighten up your home, office or store.