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You love it or you hate it: Cats in costumes. For those cat owners among us who cohabit with a rather social, patient and docile feline friend, we hand-picked the best, the sweetest, and the funniest costumes for Halloween, Christmas, Easter and New Year’s.

Is it egoistic and cruel to dress my cat? That utterly depends on your cat’s temper, her likes and dislikes. While one fellow might not mind at all and rather enjoy being cuddled and handed from one family member to the other, purring and offering his belly to everyone who might scratch it, the wilder version might not even let you come close with this monstrous instrument of torture in your hands. You know best whether your kitty enjoys being the center of attention or despises you for even considering doing that to her in the first place.

Not all cats are the same and even if your furry friend enjoys being dressed up occasionally, you should still pay attention to some basic safety rules:

  • Never leave a cat in a costume unattended and never let them outside!
  • Watch for symptoms of stress!
  • Introduce new costumes gradually!
  • Make sure the costume does not impede your cat’s ability to walk, jump, sit or lie as well as that it does not block their eyes, ears, nose or whiskers!
  • And of course – never ever force your cat into a costume!

Needless to say, your cat’s wellbeing and safety should always have priority over your personal love for fancy-dress parties!

Happy Holidays!