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You are what you eat – same applies to our beloved velvet paws!

We are sure you’re giving your best to provide your lovely kitty with the best and most balanced nutrition possible. Our job is to make this task as easy as possible for you by offering you the most comprehensive collection of quality cat food.

Whether you’re looking for wet food, dry food, special diet food, natural & organic food, food toppings to sweeten your cat’s day or additional treats like catnip & cat grass – don’t bother searching the web – that’s what we’re here for!

Investing a few dollars more each month to make sure your cat gets all the essential nutrients it needs is absolutely worth it in the long run since malnutrition significantly contributes to various medical conditions further down the road like for example kidney problems. Quality food will not only improve your cat’s current health and wellbeing but will also save you costly treatments once your kitty gets older. Our advice is to rather pay a few more bucks now and save tremendously in the future, and not only in terms of money, but the fewer visits to the vet the more relaxed your furry friend’s sunset years will be.

In case you’d like to get more information, check out this article in our blog section: “How Much to Feed an Adult Cat?”.

Happy shopping for a long and healthy cat life!