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There are various reasons why you sooner or later might need a leash, a harness or a collar of some kind for your beloved kitty. Whether you want to take your indoor kitty for a stroll in the garden, you want to travel more safely with your cat, you want to keep track of her while she’s roaming her territory, or you simply need a cone collar to prevent her from licking a wound after surgery – we got the right gear for you and your kitty!

More and more cat owners, as well as cat behaviorists, are true advocates of taking indoor cats to the outside on a regular basis. A growing number of our furry friends even become true feline adventurers, accompanying their owners on trips around the country or even overseas. Sure, cats are independent creatures and certainly can’t be compared to dogs, but not all cats are the same. Some are more outgoing, more socialized and adventurous than others and they love to travel the world, as you can see here.

You feel inspired? Great! But safety is key, especially when you intend to take your indoor cat outside for the very first time. She might just drop to the ground and refuse to move at all or go after the first butterfly she sees like there’s no tomorrow. Also, she might be terrified by scents or sounds she has never encountered before. So you better be prepared and use quality gear to ensure your cat’s safety. Most important: Never use a collar to walk your kitty as their throats are much softer than those of dogs and you don’t want to choke or hurt them.

Whether your cat is an adventurer or a couch potato, here you find the purrfect collars, e-collarsID TagsBowtiesleashes and harnesses for whatever you and your kitty are up to. Our goal is to provide you with an awesome collection, a great variety of products chosen by true cat lovers.