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Litter box liners can be a useful accessory that simplifies cleaning your cat’s litter box. Keeping your cat’s litter box neat and tidy is an essential part of every cat owner’s daily life and it can be a challenge, especially when your feline housemate is not the cleanest in terms of going to the bathroom. Luckily, there are many options available on the market that may help you conquer this issue successfully. One of these options are litter box liners that you put at the bottom of your cat’s toilet, underneath the litter itself. Basically, litter box liners are plastic bags that are designed to fit into your litter box. They are meant to keep the urine from seeping through the litter to the bottom of the litter box. Of course, even when using a traditional litter box liner, you will still have to regularly sift your cat’s litter to take out the solids. Nevertheless, when it’s time to change the litter altogether, a litter liner makes it easier to take out the whole content of your litter box and ideally it saves you time and effort by not having to scrape residues off the bottom of the litter box. So far the theory.

However, there are two issues that arise from using cat litter box liners with elastic drawstring or without such that should be taken into consideration. First, some cats don’t fancy litter box liners at all what might result in your cat seeking out alternative places to relieve herself, e.g. the potted plants in your living room. Most probably the noise the plastic makes or its smell is what puts some cats off. Second, your cat might tear the litter liner with her nails, causing holes that the urine will seep through despite you using a liner. To avoid this from happening you shouldn’t be stingy with the litter. The more litter you put, the less the chance your cat’s nails reach the bottom of the litter box tearing holes in the plastic fabric, rendering the hole mission pointless.

There are two different kinds of litter box liners available. One option are the traditional liners, more or less plastic bags in the right size for your litter box with or without a drawstring. Elastic cat pan liners or those with a drawstring are highly recommended though since you otherwise risk the liner slipping inside the box where it will get mingled up with the rest of its contents. Option number two is sifting litter box liners that come in multi-packs. You put let’s say a pack of 20 liners into your litter box. Every time you want to clean the box, you slightly lift the top liner and carefully shake it to sift the litter. Urine clumps and solids will remain and all the clean litter will fall through the perforated liner on top of the next liner, ready for reuse. 

No matter which option you choose to give a try, we recommend opting for a quality product like the Tidy Cats litter bags instead of the cheapest ones you find on the market since those might just lead to more frustration instead of making your life easier. As mentioned above, we also recommend using a sufficient amount of litter when using cat pan liners to ensure their functionality.

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