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Scattered cat litter? What a delight.
Every cat owner knows how annoying it is to find pieces of cat litter scattered literally everywhere in your house, you find them in your bed, on your sofa, your carpets, everywhere. Let’s be honest, nobody fancies having these tiny annoying particles under your feet and between your toes whenever walking barefoot at home. Furthermore, you might have toddlers or infants living in your household as well and you surely don’t want them to pick up the grains and put them into their mouth.
So, what can you do to prevent this from happening? How can you limit the spreading of cat litter all over your house?
The best way is to get a decent cat litter mat to place directly in front of your cat’s litter box. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, styles and designs with different textures and made from different materials. Material-wise, we recommend to opt for a cat litter mat that is BPA as well as phthalate-free, since BPA and phthalate are harmful to both your cat’s health and the environment. The purr-fect cat litter mat should also have the right size, meaning it should be big enough to cover the floor in front of and ideally also some space left and right of your cat’s litter box. The texture should be rough enough to grab and hold the litter grains but not too uncomfortable for your cat to step on since this might only make matters worse, because your kitty will simply leap over the mat, avoiding stepping on it altogether and thereby just scatter even more litter around your place.
Some mats, like the Blackhole Cat Litter Mat and several others, even offer a double-layer technique that allows you to easily pour the gathered cat litter back into the litter box for reuse. Make sure you buy a litter mat that is waterproof, washable and dries quickly.
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