Pillow Beds

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Our beloved cats are the kings and queens of comfort. And they're by far the pickiest pets in terms of their preferred kind of bedding. What they all have in common is the need for not only one, but rather a variety of spots throughout your house, that they claim as their own. Whether it's on top of a cupboard or a closet, on a specific chair, the window sill or any other heightened surface they occupy in order to have the best view of what's going on in their kingdom and to demonstrate that it's them who rule the roost and no-one else. 

The most practical option to provide your cat with a comfy spot to throne on is by far the so-called pillow beds. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and made from different materials. Most of them can easily be washed in the machine and can be placed literally everywhere. Some even offer additional functions like integrated heating. Whether your cat prefers a rather soft and cuddly pillow bed or one of a rather solid and sturdy kind, here you find the right one for your little kitty.