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Cat Toys – we have them all! Whether you are looking for the traditional furry mouse, a feather teaser to get your feline couch potato moving, an interactive toy your cat can play with while you’re gone or a soothing Valerian Root toy to stimulate your kitty’s senses, here you find the biggest selection of cat toys!

Especially Laser Toys are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. However, you should take into account, that they might not be as ideal as you think they are. Cats are hunters and they use all their senses, including their sensitive sense of touch to hunt their prey. As there isn’t anything to physically catch with a laser toy, this might lead to frustration since they never get the satisfying feeling of actually having caught something. Maybe Simon’s Cat illustrates it best.

Nevertheless, you can use laser toys to redirect your cat’s attention to a specific toy and animate her to play with it, so you simply combine it with a haptic toy. Valerian root, honeysuckle or catnip toys are a great way to stimulate your kitty’s sense of smell and many cats are crazy for them. Try to offer your kitty a variety of different kinds of toys in order to find out which one appeals to her the most.

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Whatever toy it is that gets your cat excited, you will find it here!