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What is the most important piece of furniture for our furry friends? Right, a cat tree!

Whether your house is rather small or spacious, here you find a great selection of amazing cat furniture like cat trees, new cat condos, climbers and scratch posts that will fit your cat’s needs as well as yours.

You’re wondering what kind of cat tree your cat would actually enjoy? Well, that depends on several factors like your kitty’s age, size, activity level and sleeping preferences. offers a great variety of cat furniture for every type of cat: hammocks for the laid-back kitty that literally enjoys hanging out, ceiling-high cat trees that offer enough room for the professional climbers amongst them, sturdy cat condos for more than one cat, trees and condos with integrated caves and hideouts, and many more.

Of course, you as the owner also have a little say in what piece of cat furniture fits into your home. We gave our best to provide you with a great selection of both rather traditional cat trees as well as their modern, minimalistic or even artsy equivalents. Browse our hand-picked selection of Cat Trees & Co. to find the piece of cat furniture that best fits your personal style.